Today I’d like to share with you all are very important piece of information that our travel agent failed to ever mention. If you ever want to visit Vietnam you need to have your visa pre-approved BEFORE you leave Australia.

Which is what lead us to running over to Flight Centre 45 minutes before boarding, paying out over $200 each, and freaking the hell out as the time ticked by to get an emergency pre-approval.

Luckily, going through customs with an Australian passport only takes seconds now. There’s no exit forms anymore, your passport goes through this cool scanner thing which is almost instant and before you know it, they’re letting you leave the country. Pretty cool right?

Fast forward eight hours and we’re in Changi Airport. Other than the obvious post plane ride dump (don’t pretend you don’t know EXACTLY what I’m talking about) the first thing we did was head to find a Starbucks. I guess you could say we’re super cultured because for breakfast obviously the best choice was also Maccas – hash browns anyone?

We walked into a few duty free stores, realising that most of this stuff we could just buy as knock offs once we hit Vietnam, and that the duty free prices weren’t really any better than prices back home.

However the highlight of Changi Airport (terminal 2 specifically) had to be the roof top sunflower garden. WHY WAS IT THERE? I don’t even care I was literally so happy to see these gorgeous flowers I didn’t even care that the temperatures were in the mid thirties with humidity so high you sweat from the moment you step outside. It didn’t matter. THERE WERE SO MANY SUNFLOWERS.

A quick bathroom stop, and before we know it we’re on our way to Da Nang, or as the airport code would suggest DAD.  All is well as we travel over and have our third breakfast for the day.

It isn’t until we arrive at the airport that we realise we were meant to get passport photos taken for our visas in singapore. Oh shit.  We stand there overtired, trying to talk to a guy with very little English, who luckily after handing over who knows how much Vietnamese dong, comes back with visas in our passports, ready to be let into the country.

Next, we’re outside the airport with our driver ready to take us to the hotel.  We were pretty soon to discover this country really doesn’t have any road rules. It’s simply just honk constantly and hope for the best. We drove past a literal scarecrow being used as a road works conductor, saw people driving down the wrong side of the road and found 90% of drivers were on motorbikes or mopeds (Macklemore would love it).

At the hotel in 34 degree heat, we strip into our swimmers as fast as possible and jump straight into the pool, ordering multiple cocktails immediately, which during happy hour were as cheap as AU$3.50!!!!

Now that we’re here, bring on the good times Hoi An!

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