The short answer is no, and it won’t be anytime soon. However in digital journalism the smart phone definitely has a place.

I hear you asking, why Liana? Why are you so persistent that a smart phone can’t do the same job an SLR does? Do they not both take photos?

Well random reader, you’re right. They do both take photos. Here let me show you some I took on my phone.

Isn’t he such a good boy?

But look how good he looks when I took the same photos on my SLR.

What’s that? These second photos look infinitely better than the first?

How is that so?

Well, in the first image on my iPhone I had the choice of shoving my phone in the sleeping dogs face or using digital zoom. I opted for the second option because what sort of cruel human wakes a sleeping dog? And realistically you’re much more likely going to need to use zoom at events such as press conferencing where you might end up sitting closer to the back.

This is as opposed to the SLR where I was able to use optical zoom and get just as close a picture from much further away with far more detail than the first.

Looking at the second one, there’s probably less difference other than the lighting. Given the natural lighting was good in this scenario it wasn’t hard to get a decent picture on my phone. But with my camera I was able to manipulate the amount of light let in to really bring out the vibrant colours of this Good Boy’s™ fur.

Here’s where it get’s interesting…

Night time.

Look I really tried to find a good example of a night time photo. This is really the best I could find because smart phones are yet to be able to manipulate aperture and shutter speed and until that day comes this is what night photos are going to look like. Paired with digital zoom they’re basically trash.

Okay yeah at this point I might be showing off a little, but look at what the right aperture, shutter speed and ISO can do even in the dark.

Okay we get it, SLR’s are the best smart phones suck. But you said smart phones do have a place, where is it?

Social media.  As explained in basically every QUTOJ1 lecture, social media posts with photos have much higher engagement than those without. It’s no surprise really.  But think about it, these photos taken on SLR’s are HUGE files. I’ve had to actually seriously decrease their sizes to even be able to upload them to this post.

There’s also the process of taking them from the camera, moving them to a computer and then taking the photo to whatever the destination is (whether it is online or to print).

In a world where speed is just as important as accuracy, there’s actually no time to waste with this whole process. If you want to get a tweet out with a picture, use a smart phone! Want to utilise Instagram stories? Smart phones are great for that too!

What they haven’t replaced is high quality imaging in both print and websites.

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