In case you’ve been living under a rock (which would probably be smart right now) you may have heard there was a pandemic.

The last pandemic I remember in high school when we had classes in the computer labs and I was much more interested in infecting Greenland and Madagascar with some dumb virus I’ve just made up on a flash game and hoping the teacher wouldn’t walk past because I certainly was not paying attention.

Pandemic 2
Pandemic 2: More fun than maths class.

And so begins the New World Order where eventually we check into our telescreens each morning and the security cameras on drones flying around scan our faces to ensure we are meant to be outside when we are. But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself.

Is it worth it?

Living alone means I am allowed guests but in a cruel twist of irony I know about four people in the same town I live and I hardly expect any of them would want to visit little old me after a day of working remotely with each other.

Let me work it

So something Liana does still do? She works.  I haven’t much to say about this  but I still have a job and I can work from home and although some parts feel up in the air, it’s okay for now so I’m happy.

Put my thing down

In this case that thing I’m going to assume is my ever over-exaggerated dating life that is nothing but down at the moment.
The idea of a video date is a little too dystopian for me and what is stopping these tinder boys just whipping out out?
NOTHING. NOTHING IS STOPPING THEM. Nothing has stopped them in the past and that’s not about to change. I may as well head to chat roulette because I’m just as likely to have success there as I am in the online dating world.
However one thing good thing about the isolating situation is I have a valid reason to tell potential partners to keep away for 14 days before I would agree to see them and then to stay 1.5m away from me.

Flip it and reverse it

What’s been interesting is watching the perspective a lot of people now have on social isolation. I’ve been geographically isolated for just over two years now and have been asking for visitors (and have had some beautiful people do so, they know who they are) for phone calls and just for catch ups.
I think the feeling a lot of people have now that they can’t leave the house is synonymous with that feeling I’ve had for the past two years. So the beauty is I’m now seeing more people connecting with me through video chats, phone calls, discord groups and all sorts of mediums. It’s pretty cool.
I’m hopeful that when the world normalises again (if the world normalises again…) that these sorts of things will continue? Fingers crossed.

Anyways happy pandemic everyone. Look out for each other.
I can’t wait to do things again sometime.

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