10 Guys You Will DEFINITELY Date In Your Lifetime

Co-Authored by Emily Lighezzolo

1. A Mafia Member


At first his underground connections to organised crime will have your heart throbbing. But when he ends up in a court trial that goes for 7 years and ends with him spending another 10 in jail… he just wasn’t who you thought he was.

2. The Guy Who Lives Overseas So You Have To Do A Long Distance Relationship So It’s Never Gonna Work


As much as you convince yourself that love can concur all, the fact that English is not his first language and your whit and sarcasm often leaves him starring at your blankly as your slurp through an entree of escargot is probably the main reason this won’t work. The distance thing…. eh.

3. Lana Del Rey’s Biggest Fan


Have you heard Lana Del Rey is releasing a new album? Of course you have you’re dating her biggest fan!  The downfall is when it’s choosing between going out for your six month anniversary or staying up until 2am because Lana Del Rey is about to go live on instagram? I doubt you’ll make it to six months anyway.

4. A Rocket Scientist


But it won’t impress you much.

5. The Albino Who Can’t Go Out Into The Sun


It’s unfortunate that his lack of pigmentation means he is never able to leave the shade. It makes doing montage worthy activities such as beach trips and mini golf next to impossible. It also constantly leaves you questioning if he’s actually just a vampire?

6. An Actual Vampire


For a fact we know this one is a vampire. What makes it difficult is he loves the smell of your blood but has to resist because he’s a vegetarian vampire (and by vegetarian he means he still eats meat just not human meat and clearly doesn’t know what vegetarian means). Also somehow has mafia connections but they’re a little more obscure than the first person. Also he sparkles in the sun? Wait I think I read this in a book once…

7. The Confused Boy


He honestly has no idea what is going on ever. And not in a cute “why do I have to take economics when I’m a marketing major” kind of way. He’s genuinely so confused about everything. Don’t ask him what he wants to eat or how he’s feeling because he actually doesn’t know. Sometimes he cries in cubby houses.

8. Imaginary Boy



9.  That Guy Who Loves The Oxford Comma More Than He Will Ever Love You


Perhaps the best off this list. Sadly though, between eating pancakes, riding bicycles, and reading books in your Zoeey Deschanel-esque perfect relationship, the moment you forget that oxford comma it’s over. Doesn’t matter that you’re inebriated while you’re texting; no oxford comma, no love. He has it tattooed on his heart, he loves that oxford comma.

10.  Spiderman


He’s friendly. He’s neighbourhood. He’s Spiderman.  Positive qualities include ignoring wealth and fame. The downside is action is his reward… well sweetie, guess what kind of action he’s talking about. And it’s not just you, it’s the whole neighbourhood. Damn you Spiderman!

A Week In The Life of An Intern

This week commenced my first week of working at a real news studio working with actual real life journalists and trying to do real actual adult things. I was absolutely terrified.



I started the week totally overcompensating for traffic time as I headed up Mount Coot-Tha to the channel Ten studios where I managed to beat pretty much all of the actual journalists in.

Having done radio headlines for around 5 months now I figured the transition over to TV would be a breeze. After all I’d done my week’s praxis at uni and found out I got better than the average grade of my cohort, this was going to be a walk in the park right?


I headed out to court with Lauren Day, who was so confident and knowledgable in all things journalism I started to feel super intimidated.

It was around about 11:30am, after sitting in court since maybe 9am when I noticed my body start to cramp up.


Perfect timing body. Because there’s nothing better than having to get up in the middle of a court hearing with your giant ass bag to try and discretely go to the bathroom? All while knowing there’s a high chance you could miss something major? EXCELLENT.

Sometime after 12, I noticed Lauren had managed to piece together her entire package perfectly.

What? – How? That took no time at all? And it all sounded so perfect? She nailed it without even trying?


Watching her stand outside the magistrates court and give the most perfect piece to camera without even stuttering, really reiterated the fact that I am just a student. Although she has years and years of experience, and all I have is one week of QUT News up my sleeve I still was mesmerised by how effortlessly she could just do her job?

How could I possibly ever reach the standard of these people?


I think one of the main reasons I love this type of work is you really never know what to expect.
For example, I never expected that my Tuesday would be spent running around various Brisbane cemeteries.

It wasn’t until later in the week that I realised the person I headed out with, Lachlan Kennedy, was… kind of a big deal?


Getting to talk to Lachlan and find out that even for someone who’s a senior journalist who has been reporting for years and years, he still has days where he feels like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  And perhaps the beauty of the fact that no two days are the same, is no matter how much or how little experience you have, you can still get hit with curveballs.



Feeling a lot better after Tuesday, I was once again eager to head out on the road. Teaming up with Kristina Costalos, with a story on a breakthrough medication for psoriasis SORE-EYE-SIS.

It seemed like before we even left the studio, Kristina knew exactly what her package was going to look like, only seeking to get the right quotes from the right people.

Although a solid part of my day was spent once again minding the equipment, watching how a completely different journalist put together a completely different story was educational enough that I didn’t even mind when a person we were interviewing quite literally threw their umbrella at me.




I decided pretty early on that I wanted to make the most of my time at Ten which would include pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

This is what lead to me spending Thursday morning down at the Broncos club and realising that even if I did have a solid interest in NRL, an average day for a sports reporting is actually super boring.


Imagine this, sitting around for 2 hours while you’re allowed to gather 15 minutes of footage, as a bunch of sweaty dudes run around throwing and catching a ball while you’re waiting for some footballer to mumble their way through a press conference.  HOW EXCITING.


I may be speaking a little too generally here, but footballers are not great speakers. I tried to listen in as the sports experts dropped names left right and centre – all going completely over my head – but I could barely hear a thing as Wayne Bennet was so softly spoken while he mumbled across his words.

In saying that, my hat goes off to how much knowledge sports journalist have to have – I hope you enjoy all those training sessions spent waiting around for hours.



I teamed up with a video journalist on Friday to once again try something different. He informed me early on that we were headed out to “bum fuck nowhere” (which apparently is another name for the Lockyer Valley) via Wivenhoe Dam.

Damn – We were in for a long road trip. Two and a half hours each way to be exact.


I was grateful to once again be paired with a super friendly journalist, who had studied journalism at the same university as me, laughing at the fact that some of the older teachers were still there.

After a short stop at the dam, a bathroom break in the creepiest public restroom in literally in the middle of no where, we eventually made it to Hidden Vale to see a bunch of animals.

It’s possible that I may have scared Brendan Savage as I got overly excited at the sight of so many reptiles and almost started tearing up when I saw the smallest the most adorable furry little creature – a Mahogany Glider.

After a few short interviews we headed back on the road, stopping once again in the middle of no where, where I discovered the dejero – or as they like to call it, the DJ.  Basically, this insane device which can send video footage back to the news room from pretty much ANYWHERE… has science gone too far?

I don’t think the week could have ended any better, finishing working on what was easily the light and fluffy story of the night.


It’s funny how originally I was so scared to do the work that I’ve been studying so hard to make a career out of, where as now what I fear is the reality of going back to uni and working my retail job when I’ve had one of the best weeks of my life so far.  And with one more to go, I look forward to what the days will bring me.

5 Costume Party Ideas That Don’t Have Sexy In The Title

Everyone likes to attend costume parties but everyone is sick of your Green Mario or Sexy Nurse costumes and get creative.*

1. The Shine Man:

The Shine Man, not very famous but extremely shiny.

  1. Skirt – Asos 2. Shirt – Dollz Kill 3. Shoes – Dollz Kill  4.Jacket – Asos

2. 40 Year Old Cougar, Second Divorce:

She’s strong, she’s not quite independent, and she LOVVVVVEEESSSS leopard print.

  1. Dress – Asos 2. Stockings – Princess Polly 3. Shoes – Asos 4. Young Boyfriend – Seeking Arrangements

3. Hipster Kermit The Frog

Like regular Kermit the Frog but you roll your eyes a lot more.

  1. Kermit the Frog Costume – Ebay 2. Fake Septum Piercing – Princess Polly 3. Frappuccino – Starbucks 4. Vegan Doc Martens – The Iconic


Named after the famous stallion, PotOOOOOOOO is one of the easiest and most classic costumes of the century.


  1. Horse Mask – Ebay 2. Cowboy Boot – Asos 3. Pot Plant – Ikea 4. Wooden O (x8) – Typo

5. I Don’t Want To Be At This Party

Make a statement by turning up at a party you don’t want to go to wearing this.

  1. Shirt – Amazon 2. Jeggings – Target 3. Shoes – Platypus 4. Escape – Uber


*On a side note, I don’t make any commission from any of these links so all these opinions are my own hey, classic Liana.

Hottie One Hundy Tunes From When I Was a Teeny Bopper

Here you go, the hottest tunes that came out between the years of 2007 – 2013, my teeny bopper years (13-19). Take this moment to note that these were my solid emo years so there are going to be a lot of ~depressing~ songs on this list. If you’ve got a problem with the list, send me a fax complaining.

You’re welcome.

100. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

The Spice Girls of the modern age also known as One Direction shout out to girls with low self esteem by putting down confident ones. Classic.

99. Don’t Stop Believing – Glee Cast

I bet you forgot about Glee. You’re welcome.

98. Hey Boys and Girls (Truth of The World) – Evermore

What ever happened to Evermore?

97. You Used To Hold Me – Calvin Harris

Before Taylor Swift, before all those big name collabs. Before everything.

96. Practise Makes Perfect – Cute Is What We Aim For

First emo/punk-pop band of the list. Low score because The Curse of Curves is their best song but it came out too early to be on this list.

95. Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy

As a 14 year old I knew all about heart break and emotions so this song just really ~ got me ~

94. Yes – LMFAO

“Grandmas cookin breakfast she makes pancakes the best
I check my myspace and I got alotta friend requests #YES”

93. I Love It – Hilltop Hoods ft. Sia

Remember when Sia did a song with The Hilltop Hoods? She had a face back then.

92. Make Me Wanna Die – The Pretty Reckless

Jenny Humphrey leaves Gossip Girl to become a full time emo. This song was relatable because high school makes me want to die.

91. We Are Young – Fun.

When you think about it, in comparison I was much much younger than the people in this band when this song came out. So who is the real young one?

20 Ways To Impress Your Significant Other on Days That Weren’t Invented By Hallmark

Now that Valentines/Hallmark/Singles awareness day has passed it is important to remember that being in love is a full time unpaid job which requires many hours of commitment and several expensive presents. Below are some great ways you can really impress your significant other on any regular day of the year.


  1. Substitute your dozen roses for a dozen noses or a dozen toeses (also consider a dozen Moses’)
  2. Record yourself reading Gone Girl but then put a chipmunk filter over your voice because love is scary but also funny
  3. Trade one of your most valuable Pokemon cards because love is all about sacrifice


  4. Make a twitter account and write a haiku about your significant other every day
  5. Do your makeup in a way that matches their favourite flavour of ice cream (easy mode: Neapolitan, hard mode: choc chip cookie dough)
  6. Go overseas without telling them but then come home eventually because love is full of surprises
  7. Invent a secret handshake to perform only in public because trust is everything
  8. Sell your soul to them for $5 but make sure you stipulate that it’s non-refundable incase they get disappointed (exchange and store credit are fine).
  9. Shine every pair of shoes you can find, including the ones owned by their parents, always want to impress the parents.
  10. #Auspol and Chill?


  11. Break out into song on random occasions because musicals are romantic and thats what this post is about.
  12. Give them a fondue and say “I’m very fondue of you”
  13. Give them several cats and say “I have felines for you”
  14. Give them some chilli because you want to spice things up
  15. Quoth the raven nevermore
  16. Reenact random scenes from Hamlet as you feel the need, always keep them guessing
  17. Invite their tamagotchi to visit yours(source: 
  18. Instead of candy hearts send romantic Doritos
  19. Don’t pay your electricity bill because your romance should be enough spark
  20. Update your Myspace profile so people know you’re official ?

50 First Dates

Okay, so 10, not 50, but there’s not crazy movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore titled 10 First Dates and it really doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Here it is, 10 first dates, the good, the bad, and the so horrendously awful even thinking about it makes me nauseas.

1. The First First


There is a first time for doing everything; inhaling oxygen, eating yours vegetables, and of course going on a date. And just like breathing and eating your vegetables for the first time you don’t really know what to expect.  Perhaps the first vegetable you eat is peas and although they’re not the most pleasurable vegetable out there you figure this must be normal. It isn’t until later on when you discover corn that you realise there are definitely better vegetables out there.

This is a pretty accurate summary for first date number one. Although the conversation wasn’t all that particularly awkward, I don’t think any girl likes to be told about all the amazing plans the person you’re sitting across from has with some other girl while you’re sitting there sipping a latte that you ended up having to pay for…

2. The You’d Be Better as a Friend First


I’m pretty tolerant to the fact that not everyone you meet up with is going to be a good match romantically. Although the physical attraction might be there, you might not always connect on other levels. Isn’t finding this out the point of dating after all?

First date number two was with someone who I happened to meet around a year earlier out at a club and just happened to find on Tinder. We both thought it was pretty funny and even tracked down an old club photo that we both were in.

Going to the same uni made it easy to meet up, but after the disaster of the last date, I had pretty low expectations. We grabbed coffee, got to chatting, and actually had good conversation. We got along pretty well but it became obvious fast that we would have been better off as friends.

Unfortunately guys don’t really like to hear that and so after a few weeks and cancelled plans the conversation completely died and we didn’t get a chance to hang out again.

3. The Two Hours Late First


In this person’s defence, I was also running late. I’d been kept back at work but as soon as I knew I rescheduled for later in the afternoon, only being about half an hour later than we’d planned for.

I got there sent a text letting him now I was where we’d planned to meet. To which I found out he hadn’t even left home yet. So I waited… and waited… and waited…

Eventually (two hours later) he finally shows up and makes me walk for ages to find a cafe that’s still open. Despite the false start we still ended up getting along pretty well so we agreed to hang out again.

I should have taken a hint from the two hour delay that this person was useless at making plans, and because of this meeting up again never happened.

4. The We Are Clearly Not On The Same Page First


There was a time when I was young, naive, and had faith in humanity. I honestly believed that people asking you out meant that they genuinely wanted to spend time with you, get to know you, and maybe eventually form into a relationship. Haha, those were the days…

Now agreeing to meet up with someone in the middle of the day to grab a coffee doesn’t naturally lend itself to going back to someone’s house for sex. I felt like it was pretty safe to assume that if you want to see me in the middle of the day, that’s not what you’re looking for.

Clearly I’ve been wrong before.

Where I thought I was being taken out for the reasons aforementioned, it took meeting up at a club, a failed attempt at being sexted, and eventually an explicit ask for me to have sex with this person for me to take the hint… this guy wasn’t interested in dating. I repeat, I was young and naive back then.

5. The I’m Actually Taken First


Before anyone cries home-wrecker, this technically wasn’t a date. It was more of a walks like a date talks like a date situation. Also I needed to include this to reach 10. 

What started as me meeting up with a friend for birthday drinks ended up with me watching the sunrise on a ferry dock with some guy who I knew I couldn’t go home with. Eventually we parted ways, attempted to stay in contact ‘as friends’ (haha, good one) until a few weeks later I found myself blocked and deleted on all social media. First time for everything right?

6. The Extremely Awkward Beyond Belief First


Thank god for alcohol. If I hadn’t already been drinking for quite some time previously that night I don’t think I would have been able to survive the suffering caused by this date. This guy was a bit older than me, in fact older than what I’d usually go for but I agreed to give it a go because I figured it would mean he would be more mature than guys closer to my age.

Once again, I’ve been wrong before.

I don’t think I’ve ever had to put so much effort into holding running a conversation because this guy gave me nothing. I tried really hard to keep up the small talk but eventually it became too much so I decided I was tired and went home. Terrible 0/10

7. The Actually Really Good First


YAY! Finally! Too bad this guy ended up being a massive fuckboy! Dammit!

I should have picked up on this earlier but I was just so surprised by the fact this date was actually really enjoyable and I wasn’t rushing to get home like I was used to. Faith in humanity was temporarily restored!

8. The Drunk First


Now I’m pretty much always down for a drink, especially if I’m not paying for them. Totally cool if you want to have a couple before hanging out, I mean alcohol is expensive so why not pre-drink?

However turning up to a date completely wasted? Not cute. I don’t think I need to elaborate any further on this one.

9. The How Many Times Will We Match Before Going Out First


Pretty much as the title says, I managed to match with this same person multiple times on multiple dating apps, with the most recent match leading to him almost instantly sending me “lets just go get dinner already.” 

Dinner ended up being a couple of hours of not overly awkward small talk, which took an unexpected turn when he told me “you know, you’re meant to try and impress people on dates,” being the good sport I am led to me sarcastically replying “oh really, see I was just relying on my good looks.”

10. The Worst First


Part of my goals for 2017 – as cliché as it is – was to try to be more open to more people and opportunities as they come along instead of saying no all the time. Unfortunately this severely backfired on me when I agreed to meet this person for ice-cream late on a Monday night simply because we lived really close to each other.

Having to repeat what I was studying, the fact I worked casually, and that I’d gone home sick that day around 5 times each while this guy bragged about how rich he was (casually dropping that he owned a Chrysler and several investment properties) was already painful enough. However the icing on the cake was when he asked me about my tattoo on my leg. explained what it was and went to ask if he had any, which lead to the following conversation:

Him: “No, I don’t really approve of them, it’s an Italian thing”
Me: “That’s great, I’m also Italian and I have 4”
Him: “Oh well my mum doesn’t really approve of them”
Me: “Neither does my mum but that doesn’t stop me. I also have 7 piercings”
Him: “I just don’t really like them”

Amazingly enough after the longest 30 minutes of my life when I finally got out of there I received a message asking if I would see him again. HAHA, NOPE.

A Comprehensive List of Dos and Don’ts When Ending A Lease

So today marks the conclusion of my venture in the marvellous two story house that I have called home for the past 4 months.

The end of the lease made for 14 days of “where the heck am I going to live?” and “who the heck owns all this shit?”

Thus, for you, future and current tenants who may eventually reach the end your tenancy, I have created a comprehensive list of  Dos and Don’ts for ending a lease.


Don’t: End your lease (you’ve probably already screwed up this one)

Do: Hire a hitman to go after that one piece of trash housemate who isn’t paying their share in the arrears and other utilities and costs associated with ending a lease

Don’t: Live the dreams of your 14 year old emo self by going to the Panic! At The Disco concert the night before the bond cleaners are due to show up at 8am

Do: Pay your bond cleaners in cash to save money


Don’t: Leave food in the fridge for god knows how long and leave your poor innocent housemate to clean it out when you sell it off to some random on gumtree

Do: End your lease when you get the 3 months warning that its ending omg do not give yourself 2 weeks of hell wow who does that???

Don’t: Leave piles and piles of junk in the garage and just hope someone else will clean it out

Do: List everything you have no clue who the owner is of for free on gumtree your phone will be blowing up all day you’ll feel like a celebrity


Don’t: Trust real estate agents they’re not your “bro” or “pal”

Do: Try and steal organs off unsuspecting victims on Tinder

Don’t: Give all the spiders around your house names because it’ll only make leaving that much harder

Do: Take all of the unclaimed alcohol and have a goddamn party of one, you’ll need it


Don’t: Accidentally dye your hair black (just in general)

Do: Tell your neighbours dog you love them

Don’t: Spend two nights before you leave at an exclusive preview screening of “Hidden Figures” (which was really good by the way, go see it when it comes out)

Do: Sell your soul so someone else can do all the work for you


Laneway Reviewed in Poetry Form

On Thursday I went to Laneway and here’s what I saw
Music, bands, and fun times galore

Camp Cope took the stage to start off the day
To violence and assault they said No way

To the backyard party for an hour we headed
Listening to the music which we voted and betted

A break and a drink was definitely needed
Before Tash Sultana started and the day proceeded

D.D Dumbo was not the elephant I expected
But 45 minutes of music left me infected

From chimes to recorders, and a bass clarinet
There was nothing D.D Dumbo could do to upset

Once they were over, the crowds moved like a blizzard
To the right of the stage for King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

The fear of being crushed kept us out of the crowd
But the distance did not matter as they played nice and loud

Back over to the left we saw Gang of Youths
Who’s music was pleasant and nothing but truths

Lead singer David Le’aupepe gave an emotional speech
About hit song Magnolia, a lesson to teach

The mood of the tent soon began to change
As Brisbane favourites Dune Rats hit the stage

Their banter and music led to pushing and shoving
But all in the name of great music loving

After hours of waiting my highlight would play
With Glass Animals starting and making my day

With songs from the albums both old and the new
All kinds of music is something they do

Singer Dave Bayley ran around the band he led
Finishing off with a Pineapple on his head

We watched Tycho from the back of the tent
Amazed at how fast they day had just went

A much needed break from the dancing and jumping
But rest assured, the music was still pumping

We prepared ourselves for the next stage taker
Who’s name is Nick Murphy but once was Chet Faker

With music so soothing, he could sing me to sleep
Playing all of the favourites, including Talk is Cheap

Next on the stage was another headline act
Tame Impala was a crowd favourite, that is a fact

With so many songs almost 10 minutes long
An hour set time could do them no wrong

Music and confetti all filled the air
With the rain outside not causing a care

The night came to a close at a stage not too far
Filled with music by the band Jagwar Ma

Singer Gabriel Winterfield had the whole crowd in dance
Wearing an odd fashion choice with a chain on his pants

From morning till evening Laneway had it all
No event from the festival I could possibly flaw

So to the hot summers day which I will hold dear,
I say St Jerome’s Laneway, see you next year.

A Series of Overdramatised Inconvenient Events

There’s a high chance that if you own a computer and have a decent reliable internet connection you to are connected to popular television hosting website Netflix. And if you are a subscriber to such a site you would be aware that in the past couple of days, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events has been added to the list of delightful programs available for viewing.

In the spirit of being cool, hip, and relatable to whatever is currently trending, I have created a list of inconvenient things that have happened to me this year so far but in an overdramatic manner in order to make them seem just as unfortunate.

1. I Can’t Find My Yoga Mat


Now when I have my small moments of “man I should really start exercising more” I have such a valid excuse to not do anything. What is yoga without a yoga mat? What about other things that use a yoga mat? Maybe pilates? Am I meant to do sit ups on the hard wooden floor boards? Won’t that ultimately end in injury and/or death?

2. My Cream Cheese Went Off


Cream cheese is not cheap. I shouldn’t even be buying cream cheese but this one particular day I had purchased a bag of bagels along with various vegetables and cream cheese to go onto said bagels. Now my most recent purchase of bagels was completely ignominious due to the fact that as I opened my tub of cream cheese, to spread onto my delicious baked fresh today bagels, I found the creamy white texture I had expected was replaced with a disgusting grey mush which caused me to throw the tub straight into the bin. This is terrible because this was meant to be my breakfast, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and without breakfast this could lead to injury and/or death.

3. I Have to Move House… Again


Possibly the most inconvenient of all the events. Moving house sucks. You have to pack, then organise movers, and carry furniture, and even worse when you finish moving you have to UNPACK. And what happens if the house you move into is on a slope that you don’t notice until you’re putting together your bookshelf and all of a sudden all the books fall off and crush you and you get injured or die?

4. I Went on a Pretty Lousy Date


I’m sure some wise old person is standing on a corner somewhere saying something about how you gotta kiss a few toads etc. But this is now two hours of my life that I won’t get back and now unfortunately will be ingrained into my mind forever. What would I have done in that two hours otherwise? Probably watched Netflix, maybe cooked dinner in that time, possibly even slept? And who’s to say how many more lousy dates I will have to go on in my life? And how dangerous they will end up being? What happens when I accidentally agree to go out with a serial killer? WHAT HAPPENS THEN? (Injury and/or death)

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events Only Has Eight Episodes


That is a lot less than I compensated for. This means once I complete all eight (currently 6 down, 2 to go) I will have to do SOMETHING ELSE. Perhaps find a different show to watch? But that is so much effort! I may as well just spend that time SLEEPING but if you sleep too much it might end in injury and/or death.

Liana Does Perth Part 3: Perth Wars

Perhaps instead of continually trying to be witty and hilarious I could take this opportunity to share with you activities which occurred in Perth whilst ending on a corny cliché? Strap in boys.

The Tinder Menace


Upon arrival on the mystical west coast I decided to reactive my account on Tinder to see what the people on the other side of the country had to ofter. This promptly lead to being contacted via my Instagram by someone I’d never seen before in my life. Normally this sort of message I would outright ignore but today I was feeling generous so I gave this person the time of day.
And thank god I did, here are some highlights:

Attack Of The Dogs


If anyone in Queensland asked me which beach they could take their dog to I’d probably reply with “I dunno maybe Sandgate?” But if anyone in Perth asked I’d say “PEASHOLM DOG BEACH!” in an over-excited voice as I think back to the beautiful morning I spent surrounded by so many furry fellas of all types of breeds.

Revenge of the Heat


So began the “low intensity” (yeah right B.O.M.) heat wave of Perth in 2017, reaching a scorching 37 degrees. With very little humidity in the air, all I could feel while roaming the streets of various suburbs I’ve already forgot the name of was the rays of the hot sun crisping upon my skin. And you know what they say! When things are getting too hot, write some steamy Fan Fiction. This one I’m willing to share upon request but will let you know it involves Rihanna and Sting.

A New App


With temperature reaching 40 degrees on Tuesday, waiting for buses and trains whilst making the way into Perth’s epicentre was on strenuous task. However, the mood was lightened as I paid a mere $1.20 to catch the bus 1 zone. Yes. $1.20. I hope someone from Translink is reading this so they can know that I’m angry. Did I mention this was a paper ticket? Anyways, apart from the very reasonably priced public transport, the other highlight of the day included an app called “Charade” which is somewhere between the classic Charade’s and Celebrity Heads depending which category you pick. Literally hours of fun, because there is no exaggeration to the fact that I spent hours playing this game with my friend. Other highlights from this day involve a shop called Cheep which sells pretty much my dream wardrobe with nothing over $15 being the place I found this beauty:

The Heatwave Strikes Back


The final day spent in W.A. was easily the hottest, reaching a high of 43 degrees, making it almost impossible to leave the house. However my inner hipster trash felt it would be wrong not to take the opportunity to explore one last small cafe and have one last smashed avocado dish before heading home. In a suburb called Leederville (which I am now dubbing the ‘007 of Perth based off the postcode) the choice of hipster cafe’s was endless, eventually finding a little cafe on the corner called Pixels. And they did not disappoint. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring little boutiques – most of which were well out of my poor uni student price range – before heading home one last time before the trip to the airport.

Return of The Liana


Fortunately enough, my return home was far more pleasant then my venture to Perth. Being able to sit in the seat I’d booked and even having a spare seat between myself and the next passenger made for optimal spreading out on the 5 hour embarkment. Despite a delayed take off (which I am convinced is because someone was trying to smuggle a dragon onto the airplane), a smaller aircraft than the first trip, and the fact that this entertainment system did not have my current Netflix show of choice even though the first plane did, the voyage was as pleasurable as a flight in economy class can be.

And as promised, a cliché to end this post:


What has venturing across the country has taught me? Based off the activities aforementioned, the ones that didn’t cost me any money, that didn’t really require going far, the simplest things like playing a silly app or writing a terrible piece of smut, were easily the highlights because of the company I kept.
Until next time, farewell W.A.!