Hello there. This is my brand new blog featuring the thoughts and musings of me, Liana.

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I previously had a blog. I quite liked running it as well, facing the challenge of trying to appeal to a certain audience, whilst putting effort into researching the types of things I wanted to write about, and collaborating that with what people want to read about.

Alongside blogging, I figured there’s nothing wrong with consolidating the previous works I’ve completed so any potential employers (I’m looking at you ABC, SBS, Channel 10, Channel 9, and Channel 7) can be like, hell, she’s actually done stuff, that’s pretty cool, we should give her a PAID job. ???

Basically, a portfolio. Something my good friend Amity and I recently were discussing. And what better way to share a portfolio than on the world wide web alongside my rantings?

Amity Conversation

Paper resumés are old school anyway. Even if I was to make like Amity and provide a portfolio of the dick pics that I’ve received over the years*** (some would be familiar of the infamous “dick with no balls”) at least I’d have somewhere to share it?

So basically welcome to my blog. Two-Point-Oh. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Liana out.

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***Yes I am very aware of the legality in regards to sharing these forms of images, so if you came here for dick pics I’m sorry to disappoint, it’s a no from me.