Laneway Reviewed in Poetry Form

On Thursday I went to Laneway and here’s what I saw
Music, bands, and fun times galore

Camp Cope took the stage to start off the day
To violence and assault they said No way

To the backyard party for an hour we headed
Listening to the music which we voted and betted

A break and a drink was definitely needed
Before Tash Sultana started and the day proceeded

D.D Dumbo was not the elephant I expected
But 45 minutes of music left me infected

From chimes to recorders, and a bass clarinet
There was nothing D.D Dumbo could do to upset

Once they were over, the crowds moved like a blizzard
To the right of the stage for King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

The fear of being crushed kept us out of the crowd
But the distance did not matter as they played nice and loud

Back over to the left we saw Gang of Youths
Who’s music was pleasant and nothing but truths

Lead singer David Le’aupepe gave an emotional speech
About hit song Magnolia, a lesson to teach

The mood of the tent soon began to change
As Brisbane favourites Dune Rats hit the stage

Their banter and music led to pushing and shoving
But all in the name of great music loving

After hours of waiting my highlight would play
With Glass Animals starting and making my day

With songs from the albums both old and the new
All kinds of music is something they do

Singer Dave Bayley ran around the band he led
Finishing off with a Pineapple on his head

We watched Tycho from the back of the tent
Amazed at how fast they day had just went

A much needed break from the dancing and jumping
But rest assured, the music was still pumping

We prepared ourselves for the next stage taker
Who’s name is Nick Murphy but once was Chet Faker

With music so soothing, he could sing me to sleep
Playing all of the favourites, including Talk is Cheap

Next on the stage was another headline act
Tame Impala was a crowd favourite, that is a fact

With so many songs almost 10 minutes long
An hour set time could do them no wrong

Music and confetti all filled the air
With the rain outside not causing a care

The night came to a close at a stage not too far
Filled with music by the band Jagwar Ma

Singer Gabriel Winterfield had the whole crowd in dance
Wearing an odd fashion choice with a chain on his pants

From morning till evening Laneway had it all
No event from the festival I could possibly flaw

So to the hot summers day which I will hold dear,
I say St Jerome’s Laneway, see you next year.

A Series of Overdramatised Inconvenient Events

There’s a high chance that if you own a computer and have a decent reliable internet connection you to are connected to popular television hosting website Netflix. And if you are a subscriber to such a site you would be aware that in the past couple of days, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events has been added to the list of delightful programs available for viewing.

In the spirit of being cool, hip, and relatable to whatever is currently trending, I have created a list of inconvenient things that have happened to me this year so far but in an overdramatic manner in order to make them seem just as unfortunate.

1. I Can’t Find My Yoga Mat


Now when I have my small moments of “man I should really start exercising more” I have such a valid excuse to not do anything. What is yoga without a yoga mat? What about other things that use a yoga mat? Maybe pilates? Am I meant to do sit ups on the hard wooden floor boards? Won’t that ultimately end in injury and/or death?

2. My Cream Cheese Went Off


Cream cheese is not cheap. I shouldn’t even be buying cream cheese but this one particular day I had purchased a bag of bagels along with various vegetables and cream cheese to go onto said bagels. Now my most recent purchase of bagels was completely ignominious due to the fact that as I opened my tub of cream cheese, to spread onto my delicious baked fresh today bagels, I found the creamy white texture I had expected was replaced with a disgusting grey mush which caused me to throw the tub straight into the bin. This is terrible because this was meant to be my breakfast, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and without breakfast this could lead to injury and/or death.

3. I Have to Move House… Again


Possibly the most inconvenient of all the events. Moving house sucks. You have to pack, then organise movers, and carry furniture, and even worse when you finish moving you have to UNPACK. And what happens if the house you move into is on a slope that you don’t notice until you’re putting together your bookshelf and all of a sudden all the books fall off and crush you and you get injured or die?

4. I Went on a Pretty Lousy Date


I’m sure some wise old person is standing on a corner somewhere saying something about how you gotta kiss a few toads etc. But this is now two hours of my life that I won’t get back and now unfortunately will be ingrained into my mind forever. What would I have done in that two hours otherwise? Probably watched Netflix, maybe cooked dinner in that time, possibly even slept? And who’s to say how many more lousy dates I will have to go on in my life? And how dangerous they will end up being? What happens when I accidentally agree to go out with a serial killer? WHAT HAPPENS THEN? (Injury and/or death)

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events Only Has Eight Episodes


That is a lot less than I compensated for. This means once I complete all eight (currently 6 down, 2 to go) I will have to do SOMETHING ELSE. Perhaps find a different show to watch? But that is so much effort! I may as well just spend that time SLEEPING but if you sleep too much it might end in injury and/or death.

Liana Does Perth Part 3: Perth Wars

Perhaps instead of continually trying to be witty and hilarious I could take this opportunity to share with you activities which occurred in Perth whilst ending on a corny cliché? Strap in boys.

The Tinder Menace


Upon arrival on the mystical west coast I decided to reactive my account on Tinder to see what the people on the other side of the country had to ofter. This promptly lead to being contacted via my Instagram by someone I’d never seen before in my life. Normally this sort of message I would outright ignore but today I was feeling generous so I gave this person the time of day.
And thank god I did, here are some highlights:

Attack Of The Dogs


If anyone in Queensland asked me which beach they could take their dog to I’d probably reply with “I dunno maybe Sandgate?” But if anyone in Perth asked I’d say “PEASHOLM DOG BEACH!” in an over-excited voice as I think back to the beautiful morning I spent surrounded by so many furry fellas of all types of breeds.

Revenge of the Heat


So began the “low intensity” (yeah right B.O.M.) heat wave of Perth in 2017, reaching a scorching 37 degrees. With very little humidity in the air, all I could feel while roaming the streets of various suburbs I’ve already forgot the name of was the rays of the hot sun crisping upon my skin. And you know what they say! When things are getting too hot, write some steamy Fan Fiction. This one I’m willing to share upon request but will let you know it involves Rihanna and Sting.

A New App


With temperature reaching 40 degrees on Tuesday, waiting for buses and trains whilst making the way into Perth’s epicentre was on strenuous task. However, the mood was lightened as I paid a mere $1.20 to catch the bus 1 zone. Yes. $1.20. I hope someone from Translink is reading this so they can know that I’m angry. Did I mention this was a paper ticket? Anyways, apart from the very reasonably priced public transport, the other highlight of the day included an app called “Charade” which is somewhere between the classic Charade’s and Celebrity Heads depending which category you pick. Literally hours of fun, because there is no exaggeration to the fact that I spent hours playing this game with my friend. Other highlights from this day involve a shop called Cheep which sells pretty much my dream wardrobe with nothing over $15 being the place I found this beauty:

The Heatwave Strikes Back


The final day spent in W.A. was easily the hottest, reaching a high of 43 degrees, making it almost impossible to leave the house. However my inner hipster trash felt it would be wrong not to take the opportunity to explore one last small cafe and have one last smashed avocado dish before heading home. In a suburb called Leederville (which I am now dubbing the ‘007 of Perth based off the postcode) the choice of hipster cafe’s was endless, eventually finding a little cafe on the corner called Pixels. And they did not disappoint. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring little boutiques – most of which were well out of my poor uni student price range – before heading home one last time before the trip to the airport.

Return of The Liana


Fortunately enough, my return home was far more pleasant then my venture to Perth. Being able to sit in the seat I’d booked and even having a spare seat between myself and the next passenger made for optimal spreading out on the 5 hour embarkment. Despite a delayed take off (which I am convinced is because someone was trying to smuggle a dragon onto the airplane), a smaller aircraft than the first trip, and the fact that this entertainment system did not have my current Netflix show of choice even though the first plane did, the voyage was as pleasurable as a flight in economy class can be.

And as promised, a cliché to end this post:


What has venturing across the country has taught me? Based off the activities aforementioned, the ones that didn’t cost me any money, that didn’t really require going far, the simplest things like playing a silly app or writing a terrible piece of smut, were easily the highlights because of the company I kept.
Until next time, farewell W.A.!


Liana Does Perth Part 2: The Renaissance

Based off my arrival in Perth in 2016 and my continued stay in Perth in 2017, it is my responsibility to inform the public in the best possible manner which of the two Perth’s is the most adequate.

2016- Discovery of Tony Galanti The Potato God
- Thinking the club was going to be Turnt but it was full of emos
- Discovered a new much cheaper foundation that I liked
- Drank wine
- Didn't get arrested like Buzzfeed predicted
- 2 Hour Jet lag - it's real
- Thinking the club was going to be Turnt but it was full of emos
- No strong opinions on the George Jetson vs Fred Flintstone election
- Not being at Falls festival
- Mecca was out of my shade in my foundation (wtf how many "vanilla" bitches are there out there?)
- Remembered Delta Goodrem
2017- Lord of the fries was an amazing start to 2017
- Dedicating myself to watching all of The Simpsons (and by all of I mean the good seasons) from the start
- Dog Beach had so many dogs
- Drank a cocktail
- Forgot about Delta Goodrem, briefly
- Found a neat looking shell
- The random Perthican (?) who was my midnight kiss was an absolutely terrible start to 2017
- Lack of fresh memes
- Still not at Falls Festival
- Perth doesn't go off on a Sunday?

Cleary, Perth in both it’s junior 2016 and senior 2017 forms have positives and negatives. What lies ahead is only up to fortune tellers and the government to decide.



Liana Does Perth Part 1: The Medium Haul Flight of Horror

A medium haul flight is defined as any flight between the length of 3-6 hours.
Now this ain’t my first rodeo – and by rodeo I mean medium haul flight – taking a solid 5 hours to reach my destination of Western Australia, I had myself well prepped for the expedition ahead of me.


Now everyone has different preferences as to how they like to fly, mine are as follows:

  • Window Seat – I like to leave against the corner of the wall and the seat and get comfy in a weird crouched position
  • Warm Clothes – I freeze like you wouldn’t believe on planes
  • Entertainment – An obvious one, but I tend to come prepared with my own shows just in case I don’t like the selection

Being my third time this year that I’ve ventured over to the West Coast, I had my check list all sorted and was ready for an as comfortable as possible economy class flight. My seat was picked, my clothes as warm as the summer heat would allow, and my phone cleared out to make room for my current Netflix show of choice, Mad Men.


I arrived at the airport with just enough time for myself and my carry-on to make it onto the plane and as per usual despite the way the numbers are called people all pushed their way through the gates with little old me being shoved back behind the masses of people who decided their seats were more important than mine. Here’s a hint to you people, the sooner you get on the plane the longer you’re waiting to take off, idiots.

I finally managed to get onto the plane, despite being in the first group of people called, and as I treaded down the aisle counting the rows, 32, 33, 34, finally approaching my seat – 35K – to notice something not quiet right.

Someone else was in my seat.


I looked at the numbers again as I’ve been known to stuff up the rows before, but I definitely had reached row 35 and in seat K sat a 20 something blonde surfer dude dressed in the most hideous cargo shorts, t-shirt and snapback combination, sitting next to this girl the tiniest denim shorts you ever saw and a singlet top.

No problem, I thought to myself, I’ll just check if they got the numbers right. I say to the pair “hey sorry, which seat did you guys have?” and before I could even finish my sentence the girl cut me off stating “Oh yeah we actually had the two aisle seats but we’re traveling together so we wanted to sit together.”

I stood there a bit confused as to why the two of them hadn’t simply booked their seats together in the first place rather than taking my window seat that I had specifically planned for.


“Hope that’s okay” the girl says to me pointing me towards the empty seat in the middle aisle. Being the person I am, I stupidly agreed to let them have my seat, quickly regretting this decision after receiving no thanks for giving up number one on my checklist, the window seat.

I further begin to regret my decision as I notice I am seated next to a young girl who couldn’t be any older than 4, with her father and sister beside her. Behind me, sat a young couple with 3 children, all clearly under the age of 5 including one baby, who I listened to the air hostess reassure the couple that it was normal for the baby to cry.


Still my five hours weren’t to be completely ruined as I’d taken advantage of Netflix’s download feature and had prepped myself with entertainment for the flight, clearing my small storaged phone of many photos and songs to make way for my 5 episodes of Mad Men.

Turns out all of this was a waste as not only had I managed to be seated on a plane with a built in entertainment system, this built in entertainment system in fact featured the 5 episodes of the show I had planned on watching. Still, not the end of the world, just that if I got bored of my show I didn’t have any of the fun apps and music to turn to as I’d deleted them all to make space for my show.


As the plane took off, reached the sky, and the seatbelt sign was switched off, the father of the girl sitting next to told her to lie down and have a sleep. Luckily, being small she didn’t take up much more than her own seat. That was until she fell into a deep sleep and began to twitch, causing a little foot to kick my leg at various times throughout the embarkment.

Still no matter, at least I had my warmth? I retrieved my cardigan from my carry-on as the plane got higher and the temperature lowered. To my distress as I put on my cardigan I noticed a giant hole right where the arm attaches. Not a small hole, a giant hole that barely kept my sleeve connected.


I’d lost my window seat, my entertainment was interrupted by constant kicks from a tiny foot, and my warmth was compromised. All three requirements from my checklist, destroyed. My flight, jeopardised. A most horrific expedition across the country.


All I can hope now is the flight home isn’t nearly as painful and everything goes according to plan.

The Asshole Awards

Around 2 hours ago I decided that I will be publishing awards for the customers who over this past year have managed to grind my gears the most.

Highly Commended: The Lady Who Already Had a Basket


I recently had a customer in my store who I saw struggling with her many bags grabbing various items barely keeping it together. Being the un-caped crusader that I am, I immediately went to her rescue and queried if she would like a basket to help make her life just a little bit easier. To my disbelief, instead of the usual “No thanks” or “I don’t need one” that I’m used to, the words that she uttered out of her mouth were “I’ve already got one.” I just stood there in shock because despite the large amounts of bags and various items among her hands and arms, there was not a single basket in sight. To this day I am still bewildered by this experience, it keeps me up most nights. Although this makes for a great story, this lady was not rude enough to win an Asshole Award, but I highly commend her for her efforts.

3rd: The Man With The American Express


As I’m sure most of you know, there are still many stores around that won’t accept Amex cards. The reason for this being the large amount of money Amex charges businesses to accept their card, many end up not seeing the value. Where I work, being a larger business charges a measly 3% surcharge to customers who do make purchases with these cards. Now only once have I ever in my over 2 years in my job, had a customer argue this point. He started by getting angry at the poor girl serving him that he was going to be charged – wait for it – 33 cents on top of his purchase. Overhearing I jumped in and explained to him that Amex charges businesses through the roof to use their cards making accepting them a loss for many companies, the reason why so many don’t accept them at all. This backfired on me, making this man getting furious that he would have to pay an extra 33 cents when he strongly believed EVERYWHERE should be accepting Amex cards. Congratulations Man With The American Express, you win 3rd place in the Asshole Awards.

2nd: The Lady Who Shouldn’t Have To Prove Her Purchase


As the number of purchases per day increases so too does the margin of error. Everybody makes mistakes and sometimes these mistakes can be as simple as leaving an item out of a bag. This one customer who was a victim of leaveth-outeth-ov-bageth syndrome, returned to the store to collect the item she’d had left out. Now realistically, anyone could go into a store and say to a sales person “hey this was left out of my bag” and if we turned around and gave these items to everyone who made this claim, a lot of people would be getting a lot of free stuff. To prevent this all we ask is just to see the receipt to make sure the item has actually been paid for. I asked this lady to see hers which seemed to infuriated her, that for some reason I wouldn’t simply hand over the item without ensuring it had actually been purchased. Once confirmed I apologised for the inconvenience, found the item, and wished her a good day. Apparently still unacceptable as she quite loudly muttered “unbelievable” under her breath when she left the check out area. For this reason, Lady who Shouldn’t have To Prove Her Purchase, you are awarded 2nd place in the Asshole Awards.

1st: The Lady Who’s Phone Call Was More Important Than Her Purchase


Nothing grinds my gears more than people who can’t put their phone down for the 30 seconds it takes to do a transaction. That’s right 30 seconds, that’s all it takes. As this lady approaches the counter still on the phone, I’m already feeling my blood boil, as she dumps her products on the counter and LITERALLY throws her credit card at me. Now just because you’re on the phone doesn’t mean you’re going to get any different treatment to any other customer; so just like anyone else I begin to tell her about our awesome offers at the counter. Clearly not listening I start talking to her about our amazing calendars we’re selling to which she gives me a blank look and then replies to the person on the phone. With no response I ask her if she wants one. She then says to the person on the phone -word for word “Sorry, the girl at the counter keeps trying to talk to me.” Now if I wasn’t already annoyed enough, at this point I became enraged. For someone to expect they can be served by another human and totally disregard their existence for a phone call which was probably about what brand of organic kale they were going to buy, this is how you get to win first place in Liana’s Asshole Awards.

Now I will add a little shout out here, to all of the lovely customers I do come across every day, ones who are kind use manners, and treat myself and my coworkers as real human beings. You,  my friends, are the real winners.

Way Better New Years Resolution Than Lose Weight or Save Money

Every year without a doubt thousands probably millions of people will start the new year telling themselves they’re going to lose weight or save more money and pretty much 95% of those people are lying to themselves.  Luckily I have prepared for you more realistic and far more interesting new years resolutions that are easily achievable and you’ll be able to talk about at cocktail parties.

1. Increase Your Spice Tolerance By 1 Level


It’s time to start branching out from your butter chicken or your lemon and herb Nandos and increase your spice tolerance by 1 level. This will take a lot of training and hard work, many tears will be shed but once your palette can tolerate a higher level of spice you’ll be open to a whole new world of exotic dishes and also will impress your co-workers.

2. Accidentally Join A Cult


The tricky part about this one is making sure its an accident. You can’t knowingly join a cult meaning scientology is out. But there are plenty of places where you could easily sign up without realising that it’s a cult. The easiest indication of success is when you hear yourself saying “it’s not a cult!” – chances are it is.

3. Tell Joel From Accounts His Numbers Are Out


Hilarious prank Joel is gonna freak. Great way to start the new year!

4. Start a Meme Page


You have the ideas, now all you need is the page. There are so many obscure things people are already fans of like Paleo and racoons – turn them into memes and dedicate any spare moment you have to this page.

5. Change Your Signature Coffee Order


Perhaps instead of regular Mochas its time to branch out into half strength almond lattes with a shot of caramel.

6. Literally Make a Family Tree


Not the old style one where you go track down all your relatives and find out how you’re related to Nicholas Cage. I mean go out with your family and plant a tree. That’ll be your family tree now.

7. Put Your Hat in the Ring


Take this one how you want, metaphorically or literally. You could go find a ring (maybe a hula-hoop) and put your hat in it. Or you could enter a competition therefore metaphorically putting your hat in the ring. Your choices are endless.

8. Pack Your Bags


Not necessarily to go anywhere but if you do decide to randomly go somewhere the good news is you’re already packed. Never unpack, not for an entire year. Trust me this is good for Zen.

9. Gather Your Friends To Collectively Resurrect MySpace


Tom from Myspace didn’t die for you to all use Facebook.



If you see a dog you gotta pat it! Aim to pat over 100 dogs by the end of the year. Keep a dog-log to keep track of how many dog’s you’ve patted. Doesn’t count if you pat the same dog twice. Don’t discriminate. PAT EVERY DOG.

Review of Academy Award Winning Movies That I’ve Actually Seen

Before anyone asks no I haven’t seen (insert movie not on this list) honestly do I look like I have 1.5 – 2 hours to spare?

Glad that’s out of the way okay, here it is, enjoy (you’re welcome Jacob).

The Wizard of Oz


Best Original Song & Best Original Score (1939)

This movie is pretty great because without The Wizard of Oz there would be no Wicked! and Wicked! is the best everyone go see Wicked!



Best Original Song & Best Original Score (1940)

I’ve seen my share of Disney animated movies and this one is pretty good but not the best. Only one song from it is a banger and a subpar banger compared to future Disney songs. But the little puppet boy has a cricket friend and that’s pretty relatable to me. Also what happens when Pinocchio says “my nose is about to grow?”

Roman Holiday


Best Actress, Best Costume Design, & Best Writing (1953)

I watched this a long time ago because when I was in school learning Italian our teacher believed watching a film set in Italy counted as valuable education. Either Gregory Peck or Audrey Hepburn is pretending to be poor when they’re actually a royal and just casually hangs out in Rome while the other one falls in love. I really forget all the details but I can tell you for certain it’s set in Rome.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s


Best Original Song & Best Original Score (1961)

This ones almost the opposite of Roman Holiday because instead of pretending to be poor Audrey is lying to herself about being rich and is so intrenched in this lie she actually believes it. That iconic scene standing outside the window eating a croissant? It’s cool but way better things happen like when she ditches the dude to go chase her cat named Cat.

To Kill A Mockingbird


Best Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay, & Best Art Direction (1962)

You know how they would force you to read a book for English class and instead of reading it you’d just watch the movie and hope for the best? That’s how you end up watching this movie. Also ironic how a movie that’s based on a statement about racism won all these awards from The Academy which is made up of old white men.

Mary Poppins


Best Actress, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Original Song, & Best Original Score (1964)

Julie Andrews saves everyone and I feel like there’s gonna be some other films on this list where she does the same thing. She sings some great songs and no one quite knows what Dick Van Dyke’s job actually is (himself included) but its okay because they jump into some chalk drawings and in the end someone dies from laughter. 10/10 recommend.

My Fair Lady


Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Adaptation, Best Art Direction, & Best Costume Design (1964)

Why did they cast Audrey Hepburn if she can’t sing, why not let the same person sing and act? I didn’t even realise technology was good enough to dub over the voices back in those days. Wild. Also this film is great because of that line “The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane.” But say it like a bogan. Amazing.

The Sound of Music


Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing, & Best Music Adaptation – (1965)

Once again Julie Andrews is saving the day. Also literally everyone learnt sol-fa from this movie and I think that’s beautiful. Thank you Queen Julie Andrews.

Romeo and Juliet


Best Cinematography & Best Costume Design (1968)

Far out don’t bother watching this one watch the Baz Luhrmann version instead.



Best Picture, Best Director, Best Musical Adaptation, Best Art Direction, & Best Sound – (1968)

I definitely watched this once but I barely remember the movie. I was maybe 12. I also saw the musical when my high school put it on. I think they mention a kangaroo in one song.

Review of Random Rom Coms By An Angry Bitter Single Female In Less Than 100 Words

Sometimes I like to spend my time watching movies.

Surprise I actually do things!

Without any common factor between these films other than I’ve watched them and they are Rom Coms here is my opinion on them.

500 Days Of Summer


This is basically John Green but for slightly older than John Green’s demographic. Zoe Deschanel is “quirky” and “not like other girls.” Joseph Gordon Levitt thinks that’s sexy cause he listens to The SMITHS. But its also done in a style of film that’s really hipster. This is hipster porn. I low key love this movie.

He’s Just Not That Into You


Why is Bradley Cooper’s face so red? Why is his hair like that? Ginnifer Goodwin’s character is so cringeworthy that sometimes you can’t watch her (which is worse when she reminds you of yourself) Scar Jo is a home wrecker. Drew Barrymore is around but doesn’t do much. Ben Affleck doesn’t want to marry Jennifer Aniston. There’s another Jennifer in there who married red-face-frosted-tip Cooper. Why is everyone attracted to him? Oh and there’s a real estate agent somehow involved. A lot of things happen. Bradley Cooper ends up alone cause he looks like a lobster.

Something Borrowed


Kate Hudson is partying so hard she is oblivious to the fact her fiancé is having an affair with her best friend. Why did this happen? How did you not notice Kate Hudson? RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE.

Definitely Maybe


This title is misleading, there’s no definitely’s or maybe’s except in one scene, I think someone says that line. Ryan Reynolds going for a walk down memory lane telling his kid way too much information about his past cause she’s sad he’s getting divorced. Then the kid encouraging him to chase down the love his life who, by the way, isn’t her mother? Classic. Too bad the kid doesn’t know her dad is secretly Deadpool.

The Proposal


The best part is when Betty White is in the forest chanting and Sandra Bullock is singing Get Low and about sweat dripping down her balls.

Love Actually


So many things happen. Hugh Grant is the Prime Minister, Colin Firth is writing a book and flirting with someone who can’t speak English. Liam Neeson knows where his child is, Nanny Mcphee is married to Snape, Keira Knightley is also married, but the dudes best friend wants her (SOUND LIKE ANOTHER MOVIE I JUST MENTIONED?), Martin Freeman is a porn star, Bill Nighy is singing a terrible Christmas Song and everyone is wearing turtle necks. Mr Bean also pops up at one point and it’s great. This movie is great.

Valentines Day


This movie wishes it was Love Actually so a lot of things happen. Ashton Kutcher is engaged, everyone is shocked, Jennifer Garner is being cheated on or cheated with I forget, Taylor Swift is dating Taylor Lautner but in real life yet somehow still can’t act like it (conspiracy?), Bradley Cooper doesn’t look like a lobster, Emma Roberts wants to get laid, there’s some old people, a small child and Princess Mia is into phone sex. There’s probably other things but this movie made so little of an impression that I forget.

Seeking A Friend At The End Of The World

(source: InqPop!)

I only watched this cause Netflix kept telling me to. SPOILER: THEY DON’T END UP AS FRIENDS AND IT IS EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE BECAUSE KEIRA KNIGHTLY IS 12 AND STEVE CARRELL IS LIKE 50!!!!! Don’t watch this, not worth it.

Are We Officially Dating?


Kind of like a High School Musical sequel except no singing, no dancing, no high school, no Sharpay or Gabriella or anyone else who isn’t Zac Efron. Miles Teller is also here – surprisingly not with Shailene Woodley – and Michael B Jordan (not the basketballer who is famous for being in Space Jam). Everyone is lying to each other about dating (or in one case marrying) except Zefron who’s just lying to himself. Until he’s not. Then everyone gets the girl. Amazing and not entirely predictable at all.


Top 40 Songs of This Year Reviewed In Under 80 Words

A credit goes to this junkee article which has inspired me to demonstrate:

  1. Liana does actually do things! (listen to music)
  2. Share my opinion which I know everyone wants

I’m basing these off the charts over at Billboard  so if you’re like “no Kendrick should have won!” (yes I’m talking to you Jacob) go argue with Billboard.


40. Same Old Love – Selena Gomez 

Remember back when Selena was Selena Gomez and The Scene? What happened to the Scene? Is that the love that she is now sick of? Someone call Selena I need to know.

39. Here – Alessia Cara 

You know those songs you’ve heard a million times and you know it and can sort of mumble along to the lyrics when you’ve had enough vodka cranberries but you’ve got no clue what it’s called or who sings it. Turns out it’s this song.

38. i hate u, i love u – Gnash feat. Olivia O’Brien 

As someone who’s a big fan of capitalising proper nouns I’ve already taken a strong disliking to this song. Also because Ne*Yo and Rihanna did a much better version in 2007.

37. Jumpman – Drake and Future

Jumpman sounds an awful lot like young man. And you know what they say about young man? It’s fun to stay at the YMCA.

36. Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande 

The entirety of this film clip is Ariana wearing lingerie from about 3 different angles in different colour filters flicking her hair and touching her face. What exactly was it that made you feel like a dangerous woman again?

35. Don’t – Bryson Tiller

It makes me proud to know that the formula for hip-hop music videos has not changed at all since the early 2000’s. The only thing missing from this is a sidekick phone, someone get this guy a hiptop!

34. Broccoli – D.R.A.M feat Lil Yatchy

I really tried to understand this song, I really did. I have a feeling they might not be talking about broccoli the vegetable though…

33. Just Like Fire – P!nk

I don’t think P!nk has legitmately written an actual new song since her Funhouse album in 2008. Also this song was written for a Tim Burton film, who also hasn’t legimtalely made a new film since Sweeney Todd in 2007 so it seems fitting.

32. The Hills – The Weeknd 

I am forever grateful to this song for blessing us with the lyrics “I’m just tryna get you out the friendzone” and “I just fucked two bitches ‘fore I saw you.” Pure genius.

31. What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber

I legitimately love this song purely because it so highly contributes to Justin Bieber’s year of the soccer mum (see Sorry and Where Are U Now). Also cause you can apply it to so many situations: Got an F on your assignment? “What do you mean?” Getting fired from your job? “What do you mean?” Store manager won’t give you a refund on two year old lights they don’t sell anymore? “What do you mean?”